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An advanced solution for Business Directory

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Simple Business Directory Pro is a unique and advanced solution to create Business Directory, resource page or partners page. This is a new way to create useful Business Directories easily and quickly that people will love to share and bookmark.

Forget those boring directory styles and layouts. This innovative and powerful, yet Simple Business Directory WordPress PlugIn allows you to create comprehensive Lists of business with their Logo, Short description, Social Profiles, Location and so on. Create dozens or hundreds of lists of relevant businesses on any broad topic. Then show all your Lists in beautiful layout on a single page. Or you can choose any single business list to show with short code.


Simple Business Directory Pro Features

  • Build lists with dozens or hundreds of business information and show them in one page
  • Use as Business Directory or Partners and Associates pages
  • Configurable List highlight color for each list
  • Customize colors of all aspects of the link lists
  • User Up Vote
  • User Favorite
  • Complete control over list ordering
  • Live, on page, instant search
  • Live, on page, instant filtering of lists
  • Admin settings to turn on/off live search, filtering
  • Powerful short code options for extensive control over display
  • Add to List button (link to a contact form or google doc)
  • Widget for Latest, Most Voted and Random list items
  • Order Items by up-votes & item title
  • Custom CSS to add your own style
  • URL masking option for affiliate links
  • Allow others to Embed your Lists on their websites!
  • Frontend Submission
  • Claim Listing
  • Google Map
  • Custom Google Marker Icon
  • List Export/Import
  • List Item Mark as New
  • List Item Mark as Featured
  • Auto Generate Image from Website Link
  • Copy Item to other Lists
  • Unpublish Item
  • Tags

Installation And Overview Of Features

You can install "Simple Business Directory - Pro" plugin by following some simple and easy steps.

Please find '' file inside your downloaded package and install it following the steps below: -


From your WordPress dashboard:

  1. Visit 'Plugins > Add New'
  2. Click on 'Upload'
  3. Click on 'Browse' button and then select '' from file upload window
  4. Then click 'Install Now' button. The plugin will be installed within some moments.
  5. Then click 'Activate Plugin' link to activate the installed 'Simple Business Directory - Pro' plugin.

Manual Installation:

  1. 'Upload / Copy'  '' file to your 'wp-content\plugins' folder
  2. Unzip the '' file
  3. Visit 'Plugins -> Installed Plugins' from your site dashboard
  4. Find 'Simple Business Directory - Pro' in the plugins list, and activate it by clicking on 'Activate' link

Important:Follow the upgrade section if you want to upgrade your plugin from free version to premium version.


To upgrade your plugin from FREE version to PREMIUM version please follow the below steps:

  1. Download the latest pro version of the plugin from website
  2. Log in to your WordPress admin area and go to the Plugins management page.
  3. Deactivate and Delete the old version of the plugin (don’t worry – your data is safe)
  4. Upload and Activate the latest pro version of the plugin
  5. You are done.


Getting Started

After installing the plugin, you can configure the plugin as below -


Getting Started with Simple Business Directory Pro

Front end submission & favorite settings

How to Enable Claim Listing Feature

Add Custom Fields


After installing 'Simple Business Directory - Pro' plugin, you can manage your directory and items as below -

Simple Steps to get Started:

  1. After Installing the plguin go to SBD Settings and enter your Google Map API key. Make sure to enable the Google Maps JavaScript API under APIs in the Google API Console.
  2. Crate your new list from 'Simple Business Directory' --> 'New List'
  3. Go to your post/page where you want to display list directory and then insert sortcode (by manually or by clicking on Add SBD Shortcode button of your WP text editor).
  4. Save your page and check the output
  5. For more details please see below sections


1. Create a New List

  • Go to 'Dashboard' --> 'Simple Business Directory' --> 'New List'
  • Give your list a title
  • You can configure list appearence colors (optional, if not set then defaults will be used) from List Configurations section
  • From List Elements section, click on Add New button to add list items
  • Give your list item a title, link, subtitle and set other fields/parameters as you like.
  • Provide Full Address, it will only be used in google map.
  • Latitude & Longitude field will be fill automatically when full address is provided. It will be used for google map.
  • You can change google map marker icon by providing a custom marker icon but icon size width 20px height 32px prefered.
  • Phone number will be used for tap to call.
Add New Item
  • Add as much items as required by clicking on Add New button repeatedly.
  • Collapse all toggle option will collapse/expand all items field area when clicked.
  • Collapse toggle button in every items will collapse/expand the individual item
  • The checkbox - Unpublish this Item will unpublish the specific item from frontend if checked.
  • The checkbox - Generate Image from Website Link will generate a screenshot image of this website when checked & published the list.
  • Copy this item to other Lists - When you click on this input field a popup will appear (image is given below) will allow you to choose list where you want to copy this item too. Actually this input field will takes coma(,) seperated list id so the popup will help you to generate the format when you click on Submit button on the popup.
Add New Item
  • Tags - When you click on this input field a popup will appear (image is given below) will allow you create tags with auto suggestion with previously created tags. When you have done adding tags just hit Add tags button to add tags to the field. Basically this input field is take coma(,) seperated strings.
Add New Item
  • When you are done, then click on Publish button to save and publish your list.

Priority for list item image is as: Uploaded Image > Default Image


2. Update an Existing List

  • Go to 'Dashboard' --> 'Simple Business Directory' --> "Manage List Items"
  • Choose a list you want to modify and then click on EDIT (hover on list title to get the EDIT button)
  • In EDIT screen, change/tune list contents and configurations as you like
  • Finally click on "Update" button to execute your changes.


3. Create List Category

  • Go to 'Dashboard' --> 'Simple Business Directory' --> "List Categories"
  • Give your new list category a Name, also you can optionally provide Slug.
  • Click on "Add New List Category" button


You can also EDIT you list categories from the same screen.

When you will be editing your list item or creating a new one - you will get the category items to pick from the right column.


4. Reordering List Items (Manual order of appearence)

Note: If you want to display your list items in the from end as per your manual ordering, then you must need to set two shortcode parameters, these are

orderby="menu_order" and order="ASC"

  • Go to 'Dashboard' --> 'Simple Business Directory' --> "List Ordering"
  • Drag and Drop list item by placing your mouse over Order/Move icon
  • After dropping list items up/down, they will be saved automatically in that order.

5. Add Area

Whenever you go to 'Dashboard' --> 'Simple Business Directory' --> "New List" page you will see a area called Text/Ad Block
You can put some content here & it will display at the very button of the list page. The screenshort below shows some examples..

Add New Item

Add New Item


Note: For details about settings and adjustments please visit our Settings section.

How To Display List

To display the lists in your post/page, you need to use shortcode.

You can use shortcode button [in your TinyMCE] editor to pick the shortcode with default parameters. Or, you can use/copy shortcode example from below.

View of Shortcode Generator is as below:

Add New Item

Show Map

In shortcode generator if you checked show map, A select option will appear that will give you option to choose map position eight Top or Right.

Add New Item

Top Position Map

Add New Item

For top Position you will have another option Show Map Full Width

Add New Item

Right Position Map

Add New Item

Category Tab

By useing shortcode generator you can generate a shortcode for category tab where all your list will appear as category tab in a page. In order to do this you have to select mode as Category Tab.

Add New Item

Category tab in frontend.

Add New Item

Enable Left Filter

This option will allow you to place the filter position in left side.

Add New Item

Enable Tag Filter

This option will allow you to add tag filtering.

Add New Item

Distant search

This option will allow user to search by distance.

Add New Item

Display Settings

Here you can customize the font-size, line-height for you list title, item title, subtitle.

Add New Item

Also you can order category and if you want to remove any category from category tab you have to add a extra parameter category_remove and pass the category id as comma(,) seperated. Example : category_remove="50,51,52"

Shortcode Example

For all the lists:
[qcpd-directory mode="all" style="simple" column="2" search="true" category="" upvote="on" item_count="on" orderby="date" order="DESC"]

For only a single list:
[qcpd-directory mode="one" list_id="75"]

Available Parameters:

1. mode
Value for this option can be set as "one" or "all".

2. column
Avaialble values: "1", "2", "3" or "4".

3. style
Avaialble values: "simple", "style-1", "style-2", "style-3", "style-4", "style-5", "style-6", "style-7", "style-8", "style-9", "style-10".

Default is: simple, Example: style="style-2"

4. orderby
Compatible order by values: 'ID', 'author', 'title', 'name', 'type', 'date', 'modified', 'rand' and 'menu_order'.

Default is: menu_order

5. order
Value for this option can be set as "ASC" for Ascending or "DESC" for Descending order.

Default is: ASC

6. list_id
Only applicable if you want to display a single list [not all]. You can provide specific list id here as a value. You can also get ready shortcode for a single list under "Manage List Items" menu.

7. category
Supply the category slug of your specific directory category.
Example: category="designs"

8. search
Values: true or false. If you want to display on-page search for items, then you can set this parameter to 'true'. Example: search="true"

9. upvote
Values: on or off. This options allows upvoting of your list items.
Example: upvote="on"

10. item_count
Values: on or off. This options allows to display list items count just beside your list heading.
Example: item_count="on"

11. top_area
Values: on or off. You can hide top area (search and link submit) from any individual templates if you require. This option is handy if you want to display multiple template in the same page.
Example: top_area="off"

12. item_orderby
Values: 'upvotes', 'title', 'timestamp', 'random'. You can order/sort list items by upvote counts or by their titles, or even by their entry time (descending order). It also support item randomize display option.
Example: item_orderby="upvotes"

13. mask_url
Values: 'on', 'off'. This option will allow you to hide promotional/affliate links from the visitors. Visitors will not be able to see these type of links when they mouseover on the links, but upon clicking on these links - they will be redirected to the original/set affliate links.
Example: mask_url="on"
Please note that URL masking may hurt your SEO.

14. paginate_items
Values: "true", "false". This option will allow you to paginate list items. It will break the list page wise.
Example: paginate_items="true"
[Only applicable for certain templates.]

15. per_page
This option indicates the number of items per page. Default is "5". paginate_items="true" is required to find this parameter in action.
Example: per_page="5"
[Only applicable for certain templates.]

16. tooltip
You can enable or disable tooltip by using this parameter. Accepted values are "true" and "false".
Example: tooltip="true"
[Only applicable for certain templates.]

17. Filter Area
You can set the filter area fixed position using this below parameter.
Example: filter_area="fixed"
[vailable values: fixed, normal.]

18. Filter Area Top Spacing
You can set Top Spacing for filter area using this below parameter.
Example: topspacing="50"
[Available values: It could be any integer.]

19. Remove category from category tab
You can remove specific category from Category Tab using this below parameter.
Example: category_remove="50,51,52"
You can add multiple Category ID as coma(,) seperated value.

20. Show Map
You can show google map using this below parameter.
Example: map="show"

21. Show Map Only
You can show only google map using this below parameter.
Example: showmaponly="yes"

22. map_position
You can set map position by this parameter. Value: top, right.
Example: map_position="top"

23. enable_map_fullwidth
You can set map fullwidth by this parameter. Value: true, false.
Example: enable_map_fullwidth="true"

24. enable_left_filter
You can enable left filter by this parameter. Value: true, false.
Example: enable_left_filter="true"

25. Distance Search
You can enable distance search by this parameter. Value: true, false.
Example: radius="true"

26. enable_tag_filter
You can enable tag filter by this parameter. Value: true, false.
Example: enable_tag_filter="true"

Multipage Mode

For Multipage - first you have enable multipage mode from Simple Business Directory > Settings > Multipage Settings

Add New Item

Then add the shortcode [qcpd-directory-multipage] to a page. Its recommended to flush Rewrite Rules to get the multipage work without any error. You can flush Rewrite Rules by clicking the blue button showing above.

After adding the shortcode the root page will display like this below image

Add New Item

You can also change the multipage template style from multipage setting image is given below.

Add New Item

Style 2 front view

Add New Item

When you click on any category the inner page will display with associated lists of the category.

Add New Item

When you click on any list item the details page will display for this item.

Add New Item

Frontend Submission

Frontend Submission feature will allow your users to submit there list items by registering & logon to dashboard. Now you can populate your lists with users submitted items.

For doing this you have to create 4 pages and add some shortcode on those pages.

Login Page
Shortcode: [sbd_login]

Login From will appear by adding this shortcode on a page. It should look like the below image.

Add New Item

Registration Page
Shortcode: [sbd_registration]

Registration From will appear by adding this shortcode on a page. It should look like the below image.

Add New Item

Dashboard Page
Shortcode: [sbd_dashboard]

Dashboard (where people can manage there list items) will appear by adding this shortcode. Its required logged in to access this page. It should look like the below image.

Add New Item

Reset Password Page
Shortcode: [sbd_restore]

User will get password reset option by adding this shortcode on a page. It should look like the below image.

Add New Item

A new page is added on admin side Simple Business Directory >> Manage User Submitted Links where admin can manage there users item.

Add New Item

Claim Listing

To enable Claim Listing - you have to go to Simple Business Directory > Settings > Claim Listing & turn on the Enable Claim Listing option. Then you need to create a page and add this shortcode [sbd_claim_listing].

Add New Item

Turn on Show Claim Listing Button at Top option to show claim listing button at top area. See the image below.

Add New Item

When user click on the button it will redirect to claim listing page.

Add New Item

You can set claim listing price from Simple Business Directory > Manage Paid Package to get paid from your client.

Add New Item

You can find all your claimed item from Simple Business Directory > Claimed Listing.

Add New Item


By creating and enabling a package admin can allow user to submit there item after purchasing the package. For creating a package navigate fron admin Simple Business Directory > Package. Its a pretty simple form to create a package within a minute. The package only comes with paypal payment gateway.

Add New Item

Admin test payment gateway by clicking Enable Test Mode. This package will apprear in the user dashboard by enabling package for frontend submission.

Add New Item

Your Orders

By navigating to Simple Business Directory > Your Orders admin can see the Order list for package.

Add New Item


You can access settings page from - "Dashboard' --> 'Simple Business Directory' --> "Settings"

Settings options are self expanatory as their titles. Available settings options are as below:

1. SBD Admin Email

You have to put a email address for getting notification about new link submission from frontend & sbd user registration.

2. Select Font Setting

You can change the font globaly by selecting a font from here.

3. Enable Top Area

If you set this option to ON, then SEARCH and FILTER bar will be displayed - othewise not.

4. Enable Live Search

This option will allow you to ON/OFF live SEARCH feature.

5. Filter Button Presentation Style

Display list filter button as normal button or carousel.

6. Enable Item Filtering Top

This option will allow you to enable/disable item filtering at top by the list titles.

Add New Item

7. Enable Item Filtering Left

This option will allow you to enable/disable item filtering at left by the list titles.

Add New Item

8. Enable RTL Direction

If you turn this option ON, then items and their titles will be alligned from Right to Left (RTL) direction.

9. Enable Embed List Button

If you turn this option ON, then a new button "GENERATE EMBED CODE" will be added at the top of your list. Site visitors can then click this button to generate and copy embed code to use in other sites.

Generated iFrame code can be inserted in any other website or HTML page to display the same list with same functions. Embedded list contents will be served from your website.

Note: If you generate embed code from a site that has HTTP protocol, may not work properly if you paste and use that code in other site that runs on HTTPS protocol, and vice versa.

Add New Item



1. Enable Front End Submission

By enabling this other frontend submission related setting will appear.

2. Enable Free Frontend Submission

By enabling this user can able to submit there link free.

3. Free Submission Limit

You can specify the limit for free frontend submission. This field only take integer value.

4. Enable Package for Frontend Submission

You can enable your package by enabling this option.

5. Enable Email Notification for New Item Submission

Turn on to get new item submission notification.

6. Registration Captcha

Captcha will apprear in registration by enabling this option.

7. Allow User to Update Profile

By enabling this option user will able to update there profile from dashboard.

8. Allow User to Upload Image

By enabling this option user will able to upload there item image.

9. Disable No Follow

By enabling this option No follow will be disabled.

10. Auto Approve Registered Users

By enabling this option user will automatically approve to submit there item.

11. Auto Approve Item Submission

By enabling this option user item will published immediately without any approval.


Claim Listing

All Claim listing settings is here

Add New Item

Payment Method

You can set your payment system from here. SBD supports Paypal, Stripe.

Add New Item

Favorite Settings

From here you can enable favorite feature & also you can change the default language text for favorite.

Add New Item

Language Settings

You can change the default language from this settings.

Add New Item

Extra Field Settings

You can add extra field to all list item by this settings. You can add not more then 5 extra field. This field will appear in list create page.

Add New Item


Custom CSS

You can write your own CSS style here to add/override existing templates stylesheets.

Custom JS

You can write your own Javascript code here to add/override existing functionality.


You can use 3 shipped widgets to display Most Popular, Latest and Random Links.

To use these widgets, please visit: "Appearence --> Widgets" from your admin dashboard.

Then pick appropriate widgets from 1. SBD - Latest Links 2. SBD - Random List 3. SBD - Most Popular List, next drag and drop that widget in your any available widget area.

Sample view of widgets is as follows:

Add New Item


You can use SBDs bulk import feature to add many contents from a single CSV page. To import content, use IMPORT menu under Simple Business Directory.

Please Note: The import feature is still under development. Right now it only allows importing and creating new Lists. Existing Lists will not get updated.


  • First download the above CSV file.
  • Add/Edit rows on the top of it, by maintaing proper provided format/fields.
  • Finally, upload file in the below form.



  • It should be a simple CSV file.
  • File encoding should be in UTF-8
  • File must be prepared as per provided sample CSV file.

Template Styles

Our fully responsive and innovative templates. Couple of examples:

Default Style












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