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InfoGraphic Maker – iList

iList is first of its kind InfoGraphic maker WordPress plugin to create Infographics and elegant Lists effortlessly to visualize data. It is a must have content creation and content curation tool.

Slider Hero

Slider Hero is a unique slider plugin that allows you to create Cinematic Product Intro Adverts and Hero sliders with great Javascript animation effects.

Simple Link Directory

Directory plugin with a unique approach! Simple Link Directory is an advanced WordPress Directory plugin for One Page directory and Content Curation solution.

WoowBot WooCommerce ChatBot

WooWBot is a stand alone WooCommerce Chat Bot with zero configuration or bot training required. This plug and play chatbot also does not require any 3rd party service integration like Facebook.

WooCommerce Shop Assistant

WooCommerce Shop Assistant – JARVIS shows recent user activities, provides advanced search, floating cart, featured products, store notifications, order notifications – all in one place for easy access by buyer and make quick decisions.

WordPress ChatBot

ChatBot is a stand alone Chat Bot plugin for WordPress with artificial intelligent powered by Dialogflow . You can also use this Chat Bot without DialogFlow integration and simply install and get it to work as a floating HelpDesk or Floating Contact form.

Woo Tabbed Category Products

WooCommerce plugin that allows you to showcase your products category wise in tabbed format. This is a unique woocommerce plugin that lets dynaimically load your products in tabs based on your product categories .

KnowledgeBase HelpDesk

KnowledgeBase HelpDesk is an advanced Knowledgebase plugin with helpdesk, glossary and FAQ features all in one. KnowledgeBase HelpDesk is extremely simple and easy to use.

Express Shop

Express Shop is a WooCommerce addon to show all products in one page. User can add products to cart and go to checkout. Filtering and search integrated in single page.

Comment Link Remove

Comment Tools Pro adds an arsenal of practical tools. It reduces spammy, low quality comments and increases user interactivity and content value of your blog.

Portfolio X

Portfolio X is an advanced, responsive portfolio with streamlined workflow and unique designs and templates to show your works or projects. Portfolio Showcase and Portfolio Widgets are included.

iChart – Easy Charts and Graphs

Charts and graphs are now easy to build and add to any WordPress page with just a few clicks and shortcode generator. iChart is a Google chartjs implementation to add graphs & charts – directly from WordPress Visual editor.

PageSpeed Friendly Analytics Tracking

QuantumCloud PageSpeed Friendly Analytics Tracking for Google does the simple job of adding tracking code to your WordPress website in all pages.

SEO Help

SEO Help is a unique WordPress plugin to help you write better Link Bait titles. The included LinkBait title generator will take the WordPress post title as Subject and generate alternative ClickBait titles for you to choose from.



  • Option added for default distance unit in setting page.


  • Map fullwidth option added.
  • Fontawesome icon in extra field added.
  • Enabled multiple items for claim.
  • Multipage shortcode in homepage issue - fixed.


  • Add link - Select List issue fixed.
  • Left filter category tab issue fixed.
  • Claim Listing feature added.
  • Default template & Radius search rwd issue - fixed.
  • Upvote caching issue fixed.
  • Google map marker info window issue for mobile - fixed.


  • Default template & Radius search rwd issue - fixed.
  • New & featured style issue for multipage - fixed.
  • Upvote caching issue fixed.
  • Google marker info window issue for mobile - fixed.


  • Custom template option added.
  • enable/disable distant search area in shortcode settings
  • Paypal option moved to frontend settings.
  • Radius search added.
  • Option added for Show Featured Item at Top
  • Option added for Mark Paid Item as Featured.
  • More info added like Simple Link Directory.
  • Paypal recurring option added.
  • Language change option added.
  • Admin option added to change user links category & List in Edit page.
  • Category id added in List category page.
  • Category tab conflict with elementor fixed.


  • Style-1 rwd issue fixed.
  • List Title Color export/import issue fixed (included all new fields).
  • SLD-SBD Css conflict issue fixed.
  • Warning: array_key_exists() - fixed.
  • Enable Top Area by default on.


  • Option tree conflict with sld - fixed.
  • Dashboard notification added for package expiration.
  • Upvote issue fixed when apostrophe s at the end of the title.
  • Shortcode generator text issue fixed.
  • New List Tab issue fixed.


  • Category tab hover effect added.
  • Padding changed.
  • Category tab design updated with category image.
  • Meta title, Meta description added for multipage mode.
  • Favorite by default off - done.
  • Favorite warning - fixed.
  • Category tab - map added.
  • 5 custom field added.
  • Single page design changed like SLD.
  • Latest submitted links will show first.
  • Multipage added
  • Remove wp media library from frontend submission & added custom image uploading option.
  • Visit site will hide from map if there is no website link provided or only #.


  • Shortcode option added for rtl and filters on the left.
  • Imprtoved RTL support
  • mo/pot file added for multi language support with default English translation
  • subscriber can view only own images uploaded in gallary.
  • subscriber file upload capability - option added.
  • allow any user to add link - option added.
  • import encoding issue - fixed.
  • login page issue fixed.
  • images not being loaded - logo.png and pwd.png - fixed.
  • SLD User change to SBD User - role changed.
  • filter carousel - slick disabled for category tab.
  • shortcode generator conflict issue fixed.


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